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Last Updated: 9/29/2021

I’m bringing up this page to keep a running list of ACI bookmarks that are really worth reading.  If you are working with ACI these are a must read.  My colleagues and I will add to this list over the course of time.   So, please visit frequently.

  • Cisco ACI QOS Related Notes for Multisite Fabric:

1) Associate user traffic to a specific QoS class inside the fabric: as you know thereare 6 classes available and this association can be done in different ways (EPG level,contract level, etc.)
2) Associate a specific DSCP value to each QoS class: this ensures that the spines will add that DSCP value in the outer header of VXLAN encapsulated traffic sent to the ISN, and you can then configure the ISN device to do what you want based on the DSCP info.

          1. This is covered in good detail in the Multi-Site white paper and also in Part 2 of the CL Multi-Site session
          2. Cisco APIC and QOS
          3. Cisco ACI Multi-Site Architecture White Paper

        3) Don’t forget about the data plane policing (DPP) feature that can be applied on an EPG with some caveats.

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