Transit Routing with ACI – CCO

For folks who are looking to enable ACI transit routing functionality, there a couple of CCO sites that are must reads. Don’t sign off on your L3out design with transit routing until you have read the documents below! Cisco ACI Best Practices Guide The ACI Best Practices Guide focuses on supported topologies, guidelines and … More Transit Routing with ACI – CCO

Cisco APIC Documentation Center

A great resource, that is sometimes overlooked, is Cisco’s APIC Documentation Center, located on CCO. This is a one-stop shop, where all of Cisco’s ACI Configuration Guides, APIC software release notes, knowledge base articles, and new features are documented. If you have an ACI deployment, you should definitely bookmark this page!

ACI – Good links

Below are a list of “good links”, by category, for various ACI topics. This list is not all inclusive (yet), but as I find good links, they will be added!   A great ACI Blog from Daniel Pita! VMM Integration Learning ACI VMM integration MultiPod ACI MultiPod WhitePaper ACI MultiSite and MultiPod … More ACI – Good links