Configuring an APIC Banner (GUI Alias)

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For those of us with more than one ACI Fabric, how many times have you mistakenly logged into the wrong fabric and almost made a change that was intended for a different ACI Fabric? It’s easy to do! This problem can go downhill fast when you are just trying to test something in your lab, and mistakenly login to your PROD ACI Fabric.

Rest easy, my friends. With the availability to configure a Banner (GUI Alias) feature in APIC Version 3.2, it will be harder to make this mistake!

Located @ Admin > AAA > Security Management > GUI Alias, the configuration is about as straight forward as can be.

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Admin > AAA > Security Management > GUI Alias

Simply type in the desired Name for your APIC Fabric (i.e., PROD, LAB, TEST, DEV, etc), and click submit, and the GUI Alias will immediately appear in the top left of the GUI screen, immediately to the right of the “CISCO APIC”.

APIC Cluster #1 = COAST LAB

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APIC Cluster #2 = COAST PROD

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