APIC Upgrade Tool

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Upgrading your ACI Fabric is one of the main selling points for ACI. However, making the decision of where to upgrade to can be a tricky proposition.

Which version can I upgrade from and to? What about downgrades? The code selection process can get even more complex if you have dependencies such as AVE (ACI Virtual Edge), AVS (ACI Virtual Switch, or the ACI MSO (Multi-Site Orchestrator).

To simplify this process, Cisco has just released the APIC Upgrade Tool. This tool allows you to select either Upgrade or Downgrade, enter your desired to and from code versions, and it will tell you your supported upgrade/downgrade path, as well as helpful information for corresponding recommendations for AVE, AVS, and the MSO.

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APIC Upgrade Tool

If you have questions about what version you should target, take a look at this article, ACI / APIC Software Guidance.

Need help with the actual upgrade process? Check out this article, Upgrading your ACI Fabric.


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