CPOC Series: Using the Host-based routing feature in ACI to optimize ingress routing for MultiPod

What do you think of when you hear active/active as a requirement for datacenter connectivity? If its not the first thing on your mind, it’s in the top-5, and I’m talking about the need to influence ingress routing (i.e., keeping traffic local to where you endpoints reside). Whenever we have an active/active routing design, routes from the same subnet will be advertised out multiple locations. However, getting that traffic route back into the datacenter where our hosts are physically located (without tromboning traffic) has always been a challenge.

To address this challenge over the years, folks have used LISP, or the GOLF (inside of ACI). However, the complexity of these options are quite high.

With this video, we’re going to explore the beauty and simplicity of the host-based routing feature, to see how ACI solves the ingress routing challenge of active/active datacenters with the literal click of a button.

Host-based routing

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