CPOC Series: L2 and L3 Migration into ACI

Migration into ACI is always a hot-topic! In this video, we’ll take you through several must-see ACI migration scenarios where we do the following:

  1. Migrate a VM’s portgroup from a standard vSwitch portgroup to a an ACI DVS-managed portgroup.
  2. We’ll move the layer-3 gateway from the traditional network into ACI (and back to traditional, and back to ACI)

While the migration is occurring, we will have a Spirent traffic generator, as well as live VMs, sending traffic to and from other devices in the fabric.

Migration into ACI

In video, we reference an API POST that we use to:

  1. Configure the L3GW on the ACI Fabric (Enable L3GW on net100BD)
  2. An API POST to revert the configuration of the L3GW outside of the fabric. (Move L3GW for net100BD to Mammals31) Below are POSTMAN snippets that you can use. Enjoy!

** NOTE ** This file should be unzipped and imported into Postman

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