Logging ACL/Contract Permits and Denies with ACI

Did you know that you can enable logging for permitted and denied traffic that flows through your ACI Fabric? While this feature is not meant as a replacement for Tetration or Netflow, this can be a great tool for troubleshooting and examining traffic that is flowing through applications that reside in your ACI Fabric. In … More Logging ACL/Contract Permits and Denies with ACI

ACI Multi-Pod Caveats and Considerations

  Originally I was going to create a detailed configuration guide for Multi-Pod, however, after checking out the the Cisco ACI MultiPod Configuration Whitepaper on CCO I realized I would be duplicating efforts at best. The configuration whitepaper on CCO contains detailed configuration examples for the IPN and screenshots from the APIC. If you are … More ACI Multi-Pod Caveats and Considerations

ACI Multi-Pod QOS

I’d like to thank Soumitra Mukherji for his work on this post! When configuring MultiPod, a frequently asked question that often comes up is how to configure QOS between the ACI Fabric and the IPN network, to ensure that critical ACI fabric traffic is not dropped. With this article, we will go through configuration examples of … More ACI Multi-Pod QOS

APIC Upgrade Tool

Upgrading your ACI Fabric is one of the main selling points for ACI. However, making the decision of where to upgrade to can be a tricky proposition. Which version can I upgrade from and to? What about downgrades? The code selection process can get even more complex if you have dependencies such as AVE (ACI … More APIC Upgrade Tool