Configuration to affect HealthScore with CRC errors

HealthScores are a good way to monitor faults and the general health of your ACI Fabric. But in certain cases, such as CRC errors, if the interface does not change state (up/down), no fault will be generated and consequently the HealthScore is not affected. In this article we examine what steps are necessary to ensure … More Configuration to affect HealthScore with CRC errors

Configuring SNMP for ACI

Pre-requisites To allow SNMP communications, you must configure an ‘out-of-band contract’ in ‘mgmt’ tenant allowing SNMP traffic. SNMP traffic typically uses UDP port 161 for SNMP requests. Configure the APIC out-of-band IP addresses in the ‘mgmt’ tenant. Although the out-of-band addresses are configured during APIC setup, the addresses must be explicitly configured in the ‘mgmt’ … More Configuring SNMP for ACI